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Look for Fliers Coming Soon!

January 26, 2010

Hello Spartans!

Now that classes are starting to speed up, it’s time for the MSU Study Hacks Group to have its first meeting!

First of all:

I am looking for fellow leaders to help in coordinating and organizing the group events. If you are interested in becoming one, send an email or just talk to me at one of the meetings.

Also, the Fliers are coming to buildings around  campus at the end of this week/next week! I went on a trip last weekend, but these fliers should be up in the next few days.  Word of mouth needs to be spread about these meetings! Bring friends who you think may need the guidance of the Study Hacks blog.

Till next time,

Natasha 🙂

SHOC: The MSU Version

January 14, 2010

Hello Spartans!

I am so excited to introduce  MSU’s Study Hacks group.  The purpose of the group is to use the strategies outlined on Cal Newport’s Study Hacks blog.  The members will test the strategies during the semester.

Do you want THIS kind of schedule?  Study. Sleep. No cramming!

I think you do. Studying,  achieving , AND sleeping during the semester ? Count me in!

So, what do you say my fellow Spartans? If you are interested in joining MSU’s group, look for fliers regarding the first meeting in the next couple of weeks.

Why Join SHOC: The MSU Version? 

Hint:  These tips will make caffeine less necessary during the semester.  If you want to know more, then look for those fliers!

Till next time,

Natasha  🙂