First Meeting Results

Hello Spartans!

The first meeting is complete!

For the next week, we are going to focus on the autopilot schedule and capture as one.

Carolyn and I reviewed our homework for each class and assigned certain days to certain tasks, in addition to the goal of capturing new assignments as they are announced.

Here is what we decided:


Afternoons after russian 102 are designed for russian homework.

Review ISS notes on Monday and Friday evenings.

On Wednesday evening, read for IAH quizzes.

Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for WRA reading from 7:30-8:30.

Friday evenings are designated for taking out trash.


Monday afternoons are for Law and Professional Writing readings.

Tuesday mornings, before work, are for out of class paperwork.

Tuesday evenings are for Mass Media homework and Pyschology readings.

Wednesday Afternoons are for Mass Media readings.

Thursday evenings are used for Pyschology readings.

Friday afternoons are used for Law Readings.

Saturday mornings are used for Archaeology readings.


1) review study schedule every day.

2) If something important is announced, write it down  and incorporate it immediately.

Till next time,
Natasha and Carolyn 🙂

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