capture and control: natasha

Hello fellow Spartans!

So, for the past few weeks Carolyn and I have had our time blocking and scheduling assignments. In this post, I will focus on my experience, then Carolyn will reflect on hers later on.

It is a very hard thing to time block and keep on schedule. I am still adjusting this schedule as of now, but I have also learned three crucial lessons:

1) USE empty time spaces to your advantage.

I have Russian at 1:50 and my writing class ends at 11:40. By doing a bit of homework before Russian or afterward, I don’t need to worry about it as much. I review Russian exercises and the book as well during these times.

2) These time spaces can be used together or apart.

Now, I  sometimes do Russian homework after class at 3 p.m. Then, I may go over the homework and study a bit the next day before class. If the class is HARD, this is a good option because you can double check errors on the assignments.

3) Dear self, check yourself.

Sometimes I would need to spend extra time because I did not check each class during  its time slot. I thought I just remembered the assignment, but I was wrong. Also, you need to review the schedule frequently to remember it, unless its before or after a class. I recommend placing a schedule in paper and online (as a blog post or other website) so you have more than spot to check.  Classes with fluid reading assignments means you should check the syllabus during the appointed time slot.

Overall, Capture and Control takes real, honest effort. However, my awareness through this study is progressing as I move along.

Till next time,

Natasha 🙂

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