Plan for the remaining weeks…

Hello Spartans!

Phew! I cannot believe spring is nearly here. With that being said, I wanted to lay out for you topics for the remaining weeks.




Carolyn and I will explore these two rituals and implement them into our academic lives for the next two weeks.

Week 2

Work  Galore!

Topics: Hard vs. Hard to Do Work,  Hard Days, and Pseudo Work

Do you ever feel stressed when studying for 10 hours? Well, of course you do!  In this week, we’ll look at Cal’ s ideas on hard work, pseudo work, and hard days. This stuff is so beneficial, you cannot miss it!

Week 3

Deadlines, Deadlines, Hear all about it!

Topics: Retreating Deadline and Test Prep Strategies

Ever imagining no studying the night before an exam? Well, now you can with these two topics. We discuss these topics in detail. Currently, I am working on this now so I will be able to share my experience in this as well.

Week 4

No Drawing Allowed (unless you’re an art major)

Topics: Note taking and Project Folders

Focus on different types of note taking and how to organize tests. Perfect for upcoming finals week!

This is a tentative schedule for the next few weeks. More posts to come very soon!

Till next time,

Natasha 🙂

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