Sunday Ritual and Work Shutdown Ritual Results

Hello all!

So, in the second meeting Carolyn and I discussed these two types of rituals.

Here are our thoughts on each one:


They’re pretty basic and straightforward. I may have a problem remembering to do it. Fighting the urge to just collapse and go to sleep may be a problem.


These two techniques seem pretty simple but that could be  a problem if I underestimate the time required. I am excited however to see if these two rituals work very well and decrease stress.

So, here are what we are going to do for the next couple of weeks:


Sunday Ritual

Pretty much the normal routine. Eat breakfast, walk, go to library, review calendar, and watch a movie.


Wake up, eat, read a book, go to the library to review calendar, and hang out  with roommate.

Work Shutdown Ritual


Check lists, brainstorm for anything the next day, say magic words, and then read for the night.


review planner, say “Stop”, read a book and watch television.

These are definitely tentative and will probably be much more complex as it develops.

Till next time,

Natasha and Carolyn 🙂

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