Time Blocking with Carolyn

In theory,  time blocking sounds like a pretty good idea,  and maybe it is.  Unfortunately for a former procrastinator and perpetual worrywart such as myself,  it radiates that familiar feeling of “I’m forgetting something,  aren’t I?”

While time blocking gave my schedule a welcome sense of organization,  I consistently felt as though I was failing to accomplish all that I needed to do.  There were also occaisons where I discovered I actually didn’t have anything to do during the time I had allotted.  This left me feeling somewhat addled and unorganized.

While I’m going to continue time blocking,  I think I’m going to make it more flexible and totally change it.  I might consider making it vary week to week due to the ever changing nature of college life.  Finally,  I’m going to make it adhere more to my personality.  As of yet,  I’m just not totally comfortable with time-blocking as my dominant scheduling method.

One Response to “Time Blocking with Carolyn”

  1. Cal Says:

    It can definitely be hard, at first, to escape the gravity of the “if I’m not working all the time I’m doing something wrong” mindset. But it’s an effort worth making.

    If you combine a sunday ritual, with an autopilot schedule, and daily time blocking — you should be okay. Try to stick with it through your next set of exams. Once you see that everything was okay, it will be easier to continue with the tactic.

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