Note taking… Perfect for Finals or Fall Semester 2010!

Hello fellow Spartans!

This post is going to focus on note taking.  For me, note taking has been either very difficult or very easy. However, thanks to Cal’s tips, I learned some new ways of thinking about notes and classes.

Cal separates classes into three different types. These types are non-technical,technical with math, and technical without math.

First off, before I read his site and started this experiment, I had never considered to group different classes into different note types. Genius! Now, how did I go about using these different groups and applying them to my classes? Overall, it was pretty simple. I just reviewed my schedule and found out  which type each class fit  for note taking.

Russian 102: non-technical

Wra 202: non-technical

Iah 202: non-technical

Iss 315: non-technical

As a professional writing major, all of my classes fell into one category. Thus, when carrying out Cal’s strategies, I relied on focusing on one type of note taking.

For this note type, he advised  to not write everything down. This has to be my biggest problem in my history and english classes. I tend to go overboard and write everything down.

This strategy helped with  my history class notes,  but not truly in the English or Russian course. I feel that the English class did not always rely on ideas or note taking, while the Russian course was too new for me to do the recommended format explained in Cal’s blog.

So, I switched things up a bit. The Russian professor always gave us strict notes, and what I did was try and relate the ideas in her way on the first note day, but then try to recreate using Cal’s strategy of question and conclusion the next day. So I combined old with this new strategy.

It worked okay, but I feel that language courses are a bit harder to stereotype into a note taking group. Thus, I learned from this week that note taking requires serious thought on what TYPE of class you are taking. If I had done this experiment in the fall with my math class, I would not have written eveything down like I did for previous  classes.

Overall, this strategy taught me to think different about future note taking. Most especially, writing everything down for sure is a  bad strategy. It is also a bad habit that is hard to break.

Till next time,

Natasha 🙂

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